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Today we know Alan Jackson for his hits from the past 23 years. Songs like “Chattahoochee, ” “Where Were You, ” Remember When, ” or Don’t Rock The Jukebox.” But back when he was just five years old, Alan got his first taste of being a performer. He told Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton what triggered that memory: “There’s a commercial on TV for something playing that old song, ‘Little Red Riding Hood, ’ that old 60s song, that was the first song I ever sang on stage when I was in kindergarten. They had a play, I didn’t sing it, I just mouthed it with the record, and that always stayed with me, it’s amazing because I wasn’t a musical kid at that time.”

Alan got to talking about that childhood memory because of a song on his new CD called “Her Life’s a Song.” He noticed how his daughters listened to music all the time, and wrote a song about it. Alan told Lon, “It’s amazing, you hear something you hadn’t heard in 20 years and it brings back a nostaligic memory or feeling, it’s amazing how music is such a big part of your background.”

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Alan found out that it’s not always the happy songs that get the interest of children: ”One time a parent sent a message to us talking about their child who told his teacher that his favorite singer was Alan Jackson, and the teacher asked what his favorite song was, thinking it would be Little Bitty or Chattahoochee, and the kid sings, ‘The gates of hell swing open wide, ’ which is the first line of The Devil & Me, he started singing that song in Kindergarten.”

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I recieved two more at the same time

2011-03-06 18:35:16 by absolutexattitude

But I don't remember what they were.. Seems like one was Alan Jackson, but I can't remember the other. I only remember the TLC because I LOVED them at that point. Waterfalls is actually still one of my favorite songs haha. It was Christmas, and they gave me the CDs and I was like "how am I going to listen to these" and then they gave me the cd player. I had that thing a good 10 years before it stopped working lol.

14 things that killed the Good Ole Boy

2002-01-15 15:17:20 by the_masked_superstar

The Good Ole Boy is not an asshole redneck, though he will get drunk and start a fight with you every once in a while. The Good Ole Boy has the hard-working greasy blue jean style of a redneck. He has the good-hearted generous nature and long dirty hair of a hippie. He has the simplistic attitude of an actual Mexican, not one of these capitalism-polluted Mexican-Americans, but one from Mexico driving a beat up Dodge Dart with a milk crate for a seat. And he has the hair trigger ability to blow up recklessly and violently for no reason of a rock star. He is a hippie Mexican redneck rock star, and the Good Ole Boy is almost extinct

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