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Trace Adkins - American Man: Greatest Hits 2I've put together 5 male country artists that I feel are constantly being passed over, or can't seem to catch a break, even though they put out outstanding music.

1. Trace Adkins - American Man: Greatest Hits, Vol. 2

Capitol Nashville

Trace has been around since 1996, putting out album after album of really great music. He's had ten Top 10 singles, three No. 1's, and has a large, loyal following.Trent Willmon - Broken In But, award show after award show, he's constantly passed over for nominations.

2. Jeff Bates - Jeff Bates

Black River Music Group

Jeff Bates has such a sexy voice. And, he's surely not bad to look at either.Ray Scott - My Kind of Music He's got a strong following of fans who adore him, yet he never seems to be able to get a hit, even though the songs he puts out, I feel, are great!

3. Trent Willmon - Broken In

Compadre Records

Trent Willmon has the same luck that Jeff Bates has had. He's released some really radio-friendly songs, with great videos, yet nothing seems to make it up the charts.Rockie Lynne - Rockie Lynne I just don't understand it.

4. Ray Scott - My Kind of Music

Warner Nashville

For all the country fans that were looking for someone that was traditional as traditional can be, along comes Ray Scott. His first single seemed to be quite popular, and his name was the buzz all over. But, then it kind of fizzled, and you don't hear much from him anymore. It just amazes me how great music can end up nowhere.

5. Rockie Lynne - Rockie Lynne

Universal South

Rockie has a voice that I think rivals Ronnie Dunn. And that's saying something. His first single, "Lipstick" was the #1 song in sales for 5 weeks straight, yet the song went nowhere on the charts. Well, virtually nowhere. It peaked at #29. I can't believe it!


2007-04-15 05:30:52 by PPLEv5

Meanwhile, record-label executives—mostly middle-aged White men desperate for a surefire way to pimp the artists in a struggling market—sell us hard, jiggling backsides and all, to boost the frighteningly popular testosterone-charged playa rep that loyal fans—mostly young White men—seem to want. Execs like Jimmy Iovine, chairman of Interscope Records; Steve Gottlieb, president and founder of TVT Records; and Lyor Cohen, chairman and CEO of Warner U.S. Recorded Music Group, bank million-dollar salaries and multimillion-dollar bonuses, while artists take home their exponentially smaller cuts, and most video vixens go home with, at best, $1,000

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2004-12-26 17:53:41 by turts

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