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2007-04-15 05:30:52 by PPLEv5

Meanwhile, record-label executives—mostly middle-aged White men desperate for a surefire way to pimp the artists in a struggling market—sell us hard, jiggling backsides and all, to boost the frighteningly popular testosterone-charged playa rep that loyal fans—mostly young White men—seem to want. Execs like Jimmy Iovine, chairman of Interscope Records; Steve Gottlieb, president and founder of TVT Records; and Lyor Cohen, chairman and CEO of Warner U.S. Recorded Music Group, bank million-dollar salaries and multimillion-dollar bonuses, while artists take home their exponentially smaller cuts, and most video vixens go home with, at best, $1,000

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2004-12-26 17:53:41 by turts

Christina Aguilera says she loves kissing women.
Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin, is the first out lesbian Congresswoman.
Drew Barrymore recently said, "Do I like women sexually? Yeah, I do."
Ellen DeGeneres came out shortly after the character she played on TV did in 1996. She now has a daily talk show on NBC.
Marlene Dietrich: This 1920s film star, famous for cross-dressing, had an affair with writer Mercedes deAcosta.
Ani DiFranco: This bisexual rocker is one of the most successful artists on an indepedent label.
Melissa Etheridge: Grammy winner Melissa came out at the 1993 Presidential Inauguration

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