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the alternate root top 30 female vocalistsFrom a list that seemed endless came the tough task of narrowing it down to our Top 30. There is the obvious choices, the new and rising stars, the unexpected and the "who?" You'll have choices that we missed, as always.emmylou harris in the alternate root Ther will be some you've never heard of that you may be inclined to check out on your own and discover something new and exciting. At any rate, here's The Alternate Root Top 30 Female Vocalists...right now!

1. Emmylou Harris - Emmylou Harris probably tops most of the list of top female vocalists, at least in the roots music world. We thought about that. We also tried to think of who would be above her. We couldn't think of anyone either. Her angelic pipes have graced the country and alt-country world for over 40 years and still sounds great.carrie rodriguez in the alternate root

2. Norah Jones - A successful solo career as one of the great voices of the last couple of decades, Norah Jones made our list because of her work with The Little Willies and her ability to meld pop, jazz and country elements to create her unique roots sound. The daughter of the late great Ravi Shankar and Sue Jones has used her pedigree well.

3. Carrie Rodriguez - She burst onto the scene as sidekick to legendary songwriter Chip Taylor and then launched into an equally compelling and successful solo career. Rodriguez is master on the fiddle as well as having the beautiful voice that places her among the very best singers right now.

4. Alison Krauss - Alison Krauss is the most decorated singer and most awarded female artist in Grammy history. Normally Grammy awards don't mean much here but in this case they actually represent something substantial. her work with Robert Plant on the album 'Raising Sand' is fodder for debate but her work with longtime mates Union Station places her near the top of the heap.

5. Bonnie Raitt - A few years ago Bonnie Raitt may have been at or near the top of this list. She still has one of the best and most distinctive voices out there and she hasn't lost much through the years. She's had an effect musically on damn near everyone that's come after her as a singer, writer and guitar player.

6. Patty Griffin - Patty Griffin is one of the key players in the Boston folk revival of the 1990's but her career has revealed a singer with a variety of styles and the accompanying accolades for many of them. She can sing rock, gospel, country, folk with amazing range. She's performed with a who's who of the roots music world including Buddy Miller, Robert Plant, Shawn Colvin, Dave Rawlings and Gillian Welch and many others.

7. Christine Ohlman - "The Beehive Queen" could easily be at the top of this list just based on her performance on her latest release 'The Deep End.'. She has spent 20 plus years as the front woman for the Saturday Night Live band, performed with Big Brother and The Holding Company in Central Park, performed at Bob Dylan's 40th Anniversary show and seemingly turns up wherever an amazing blue-eyed soul singer is needed. With her band Rebel Montez she has established herself as one of the great voices in American roots/soul music.

norah jones in the alternate root alison krauss in the alternate root patty griffin in the alternate root christine ohlman in the alternate root

Edward Said: some intelligent analysis.

2001-10-14 09:27:58 by Nous

Below is an interview given by Edward Said to David Barsamian in the Progressive.
Urbane and sophisticated, Edward W. Said is in many ways the quintessential New Yorker. His love for the city is palpable. 'New York,' he says, 'plays an important role in the kind of criticism and interpretation which I have done.' He mirrors the city's restless energy and diversity. In addition to his great love for literature and his unflagging interest in politics, he is an inveterate devotee of opera and classical music. An accomplished pianist, he opens his home on New York's Upper West Side to artists, writers, and musicians from all over the globe

Publishin' Punk

2001-03-15 13:57:07 by HaightStreetHussy

From today's Chicago Tribune:
By Robert K. Elder
Tribune Staff Writer
March 15, 2001
Even the 1999 Encarta World English Dictionary gets it wrong.
Confusing fashion with philosophy, historians and wordsmiths only tie the word 'punk' to its roots in hard-core music. In doing so, they entirely overlook or ignore the core of the movement: a self-reliance doctrine backed by the D

Here's a few covers

2006-03-28 11:49:11 by easytofind

Seems like every other band does a cover song (whether they admit to it or not)
But here are some good ones.
William Shatner: Rocket Man (covering Elton John)
Johnny Cash: I won't back down (featuring tom petty)
Johnny Cash: The Mercy Seat
Oblivians: Sunday you need love (covering Trio)
Compulsive Gamblers: Live the life (covering mahalia jackson)
Detroit Cobras:
I'll keep holding on (marvelettes)
It's easier to cry (Shangri-las)
Slummer the Slum (Five Royales)
FM Knives - Two Swords (english beat)
Armitage Shanks - 12XU (Wire cover)

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