Country music singer Jessie James

February 25, 2009 at 3:53:00 PM

Jessie James When pop and country collide, you get Jessie James, an up-and-coming Nashville-based singer who just landed her hit song, "Blue Jeans, " in our favorite shopping movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic. From her upcoming debut album, Jessie cowrote her first single, "Wanted, " with songwriter and newest American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi. Be sure to listen for it as it hits radio on March 9. You can hear "Blue Jeans" and "Wanted" now on Jessie's official MySpace page!

Jessie stopped by the Seventeen offices to talk with us about her new album.

Seventeen: What can we expect to hear on your new album?

Jessie James: It's the best album ever. I feel like it has songs and styles for everyone. If you listen to a lot of albums and songs out right now, I love what is going on, but I feel like I am bringing something new to the table. I feel like my music is really different in talking about subjects that haven't been talked about yet.

17: What kind of lyrics can we expect in your songs?

JJ: My songs talk about how a guy should show you respect if he wants to be in a relationship with you. My songs are very empowering and it's a good message to girls.

17: What other singers would you like to work with the most?

JJ: I would like to work more with Katy Perry — she and I have written together before. She seems to be on the same page with what I am doing. She really loves the Southern-twang thing that I am doing with pop music. Also, Justin Timberlake and Nickelback.

17: You moved around a lot when you were younger; what advice can you give to girls who change schools a lot?

JJ: Don't take yourself so seriously. Do your schoolwork and invest your time into something you love, whether it's art or soccer or whatever it is, and stay focused on that.

Jessie has a special message for you! Watch below! Do you like Jessie's new songs?

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Sorry...Hank Williams **Sr.**

2009-03-01 11:10:20 by --

From Dion DiMucci's own website-
"R & B, blues, doo-wop and rock 'n' roll all influenced his approach to music, but it was country's great singer songwriter Hank Williams who first sparked Dion's singing ambitions. Whatever the reason, Williams' hard driving lonesome sound attracted the city boy. By age twelve, Dion had collected seventy of Hank's singles and could sing as many by heart."

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