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The following is an excerpt from Artist Management for the Music Business, 2e by Paul Allen

Perhaps the best strategy an artist manager can use to handle the pressures of managing within the music business is to learn to put stressors in perspective. The most effective artist managers are those who are not prone to take the actions or inactions of others personally. In nearly all circumstances,the response or lack of response by others has little to do with your work as the artist’s manager; rather,it has to do with their personal and professional agendas.

Knowing to expect some of the stressors that accompany a career of artist management can help a manager approach issues professionally and with the aplomb that keeps them from becoming personal. As you consider the realities outlined in this chapter,remember that they usually are business—not personal—and these are specific realities that can cause the manager stress and consternation only if they are permitted to. Following are some of the realities in the music business that have the potential to create stress.

Reality one
A lot of people will say “no, ” and a lot of gatekeepers will seem immovable. The music business on its grandest scale offers the promise of great financial rewards for the relative few who are able to connect with a large audience. This means that there are countless thousands of talented people seeking ways to access gatekeepers who can give career opportunities to artists in the music business.When they say “no, ” it is not a personal response to the manager. It simply means that the manager must find a way to get past the gatekeeper,or must pursue another one who is more likely to be a favorable audience. Finding out what the gatekeeper needs and using it as a way to gain access is one strategy (Kragen and Graham,1994). For example,personal or executive assistants are essential gatekeepers in any company and are often underappreciated for their contributions. They have a need to be recognized for their value to the company,so the manager who takes time for a brief visit with them implies to the assistant their importance and builds an ally who can perhaps open other gates within the company.

Another way to get past gatekeepers is to find someone in your network who can open that door for you. Build the network and use it.

Reality two
You are a “player” in the music business only if you are relevant. Relevance has to do with your current activity in the industry—specifically,in the case of an artist manager,this is defined by the artist management firm for which you work,or by the artists you manage. If your telephone calls are not returned or your emails are not acknowledged,it is not personal. It just means that you haven’t developed the perception that you offer something that will improve the other person’s business.

20 Country Love Songs Volume 2
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"Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condi

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"Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)" is a song written by Mickey Newbury. Said to reflect the LSD experience, Newbury wrote it as a warning against the danger of using LSD. First recorded in 1967 by Jerry Lee Lewis, who rejected it, it was a hit for The First Edition (with Kenny Rogers on lead vocals) in 1968. It was Rogers's first top ten hit in the Billboard charts, but not typical of the country folk harmonies that characterized most of The First Edition's catalog.[1] However, the group were no strangers to rock music, bouncing among country, pop, rock, and folk.
The innovative song features Rogers on lead vocals and was the group's second single

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