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timmyThe difference between classic and mainstream country music is largely made up of a stylistic and generational gap between the two genres.

Not only are there differences in terms of chord progressions, lyrics, speed, and other musical qualities, but the two types of music represent two completely different times in the history and culture of the United States. Both styles reflect those respective cultures, which is part of the reason that there can be such a major difference between two types of music that both fall under the heading of “country

So what exactly are some of the other differences between the two styles? We’ve already mentioned culture, but here’s a full list:

  • Musical qualities (rhythm, chord progressions, etc.)
  • History and Culture
  • Influences

To determine where and why the two genres are so distinct, we’ll look at both in the light of these three categories.

History and Influences

The history of course music can be broken up into six generations, where the first three would more or less make up what we know as “classic country”, while the last three would more or less make up mainstream, or “modern” country.

The first three generations spanned the 1920s all the way through the 1960s, coming together through the sounds of western swing, bluegrass, gospel, rockabilly, and the , in that chronological order. The time in which the Nashville sound was dominating country music in the late 60s, with artists like Patsy Cline, Chet Atkins, and Johnny Cash, marked a point in which country music started to cross over into a more rock-based sound and shed its western roots.

From that point on, country music was dominated by pop and rock, leading us through the next several decades and giving us what we now know as mainstream country music. Artists like Carrie Underwood, Garth Brooks, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, and several others helped to solidify country music as a close friend of the rock and pop scene in America.

Musical Characteristics

One of the single biggest differences between classical and modern country music is rhythm and speed. Since classic country was so heavily influenced by western swing and bluegrass, fast beats and quick banjo playing was a trademark until the instrumentation began to slowly change in the 40s and 50s.

As modern country music started to emerge, rock-style drum kits, bass, and electric guitar got to be more and more commonplace. Though modern country still makes frequent use of traditional instruments like the banjo, violin, and mandolin, the music is slower, more , and much more emotionally driven than what you would hear from classic country artists.

Traditional country music was also more musically complex, due to the quicker pace and rhythm. However that’s not to say that modern country doesn’t have its fair share of musical proficiency. Some of the best guitar players in the world are country artists and are continually raising the musical bar.

All a Matter of Preference

There’s definitely some debate as to which side of the six generations of country music are better. Though generally, people who like one have a healthy respect and admiration for the other.

Alan Jackson - Little Bitty

2006-07-21 19:34:02 by eGuy

Have a little love on a little honeymoon
You got a little dish and
you got a little spoon
A little bitty house and a little bitty yard
A little bitty dog and a little bitty car
Well, it's alright to be little bitty
A little hometown or a big old city
Might as well share, might as well smile
Life goes on for a little bitty while
A little bitty baby in a little bitty gown
It'll grow up in a little bitty town
Big yellow bus and little bitty books
It all started with a little bitty look
Well, it's alright to be little bitty
A l

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