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Lindi Ortega plans on sticking around Lindi Ortega has come a long way from her urban home of Toronto to her current digs in Nashville. Her songs about murder, love and the things that connect the two are reminiscent of country artists like Johnny Cash. Far from an overnight sensation, Lindi Ortega independently released her first album "The Taste of Forbidden Fruit" back in 2001. She followed this up with a second full length and a couple of EPs over the seven years, including one for Interscope Records.... A few months shy of his 75th birthday, Del McCoury is at an age when many of his bluegrass contemporaries and peers are scaling back their recording and touring activities or even hanging it up altogether. No rocking chair for McCoury, though, as he remains one of the most active and energetic performers in American music. The latest Del McCoury Band release, "The Streets of Baltimore" dropped in September on his McCoury Music label.... The Steep Canyon Rangers are riding high these days following the release of its new album, "Tell the Ones I Love." The band also gained some notoriety when Steve Martin joined them for an album, 2011's "Rare Bird Alert, "which was nominated for a Grammy; later that year, they won IBMA's Entertainer of the Year Award. In 2012, the band went up to Levon Helm's studio in New York- he had invited them to come up and record just a few weeks before he passed away - to record the new album. ...

Wondering if this was coincidence or....

2009-04-23 21:20:38 by babynatesmomma

Sorry to post my rambling, but its been bothering me and I just want to tell someone...anyone. My family would probably think I was silly. POsted on here a couple times and you guys were really nice. Any way here is what happened. My mom passed away Sept. 23, 2007.One night last week as I was getting into the tub I decided to turn my radio on.Don't usually do that while in tub. Oh well. So I get in and this song starts playing. Not sure the name but a country song about no address in the stars. Made me think about mom. Then right after that Alan Jackson's Sissy's song came on. I bawled my eyes out

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Sissy s Song~Cover by Alan Jackson
Sissy's Song~Cover by Alan Jackson
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Alan Jackson - Sissy's Song
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Alan Jackson - Sissy's Song (Meghan …

Alan Jackson's Bluegrass Album Drops This Week  —
Alan Jackson is set to release The Bluegrass Album on Tuesday (September 24th), a project he has wanted to make for years.

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.. Brian Dennehy, Phil Donahue, Isabella Rossellini, Bill Plympton, Bruce Dern, Joan Allen, Gabriel Byrne, Celeste Holm, Eli Wallach, Robert Klein, Nelson DeMille, Francis Ford Coppola, Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson, Alan King and Kelli O'Hara to name a few.

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