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Top 40 Singles of 2008: Alan Jackson - "Small Town Southern Man" (#5)

By: Michael Sudhalter

Last Updated: December 28, 2008 12:00 AM

He's back, ladies and gentlemen. Anyone who thought Alan Jackson had abandoned the world of hard-core country in exchange for nightclub lounges and adult contemporary, someone has a message for you. It's AJ himself, and his newest album "Good Time" -- as evidenced by this debut single -- proves that the Georgia native will never stray too far from his roots. This song is a tribute to his late father, Gene, and the tune oozes with down-home lyrics that pay respect to the mores of small town life, hard work and family values.
The video (watch here) is even better for it shows the shift in generation from when the couple first meets in the 1940's until modern times when the family patriarch is no longer around, but his family lives on with his values in mind.

It's these kind of songs that made Alan Jackson a star and it's also the kind of sharply written tune we've come to expect from him. Hearfelt and real, these songs tell a story, it's no wonder, then, that "Small Town Southern Man" was Alan's first Number One single on Billboard since his last heartfelt and real single "Remember When" in 2004. That single was one of Country music's all-time great songs and while "Small Town Southern Man" isn't quite that good, it is still one of 2008's very best singles.

Alan Keyes - Another Great Republican -homophobe

2004-10-18 11:45:31 by censoredbypussies

Keyes says incest awaits kids of gays
October 17, 2004
BY CHERYL V. JACKSON Staff Reporter | Chicago Sun-Times
U.S. Senate candidate Alan Keyes told a rally Saturday that incest was "inevitable" for children raised by gay couples because the children might not know both biological parents.
"If we do not know who the mother is, who the father is, without knowing all the brothers and sisters, incest becomes inevitable," Keyes told the Marquette Park rally held to oppose same-sex marriages.
"Whether they mean it or not, that is what will happen. If you are masked from your knowing your biological parents, you are in danger of encountering brothers and sisters you have no knowledge of

Wondering if this was coincidence or....

2009-04-23 21:20:38 by babynatesmomma

Sorry to post my rambling, but its been bothering me and I just want to tell someone...anyone. My family would probably think I was silly. POsted on here a couple times and you guys were really nice. Any way here is what happened. My mom passed away Sept. 23, 2007.One night last week as I was getting into the tub I decided to turn my radio on.Don't usually do that while in tub. Oh well. So I get in and this song starts playing. Not sure the name but a country song about no address in the stars. Made me think about mom. Then right after that Alan Jackson's Sissy's song came on. I bawled my eyes out

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