Alan Jackson gospel hymns

Alan Jackson In 2006, Alan Jackson took a break from his typical country sound and made ‘Precious Memories, ’ an album of old Gospel favorites. The release was such a hit that it broke records, topping three Billboard charts the week of its release — Top Country Albums, Top Christian Albums and Top Christian and Gospel Albums. Now, six years later, the singer-songwriter has decided to re-release the set of hymns to make the album still available to his fans.

The 15-track album, which includes old favorites like ‘The Old Rugged Cross’ and ‘I’ll Fly Away, ’ was originally recorded as a gift for Jackson’s mother. But when fans took in a first listen of the simple melodies sung by Jackson’s infamous voice, records flew off the shelf. Problem is, once the singer’s deal with Sony ran out, they stopped producing the album. Fans kept trying to buy copies, but there were none available.

“We had so many people still wanting it and asking about it, ” Jackson explains. “It’s just amazing. So we decided to put it back out and have it available again.”

Rumor has it that the Georgian native might start working on a few other hymns for a brand new release. In a recent interview, he hinted that his mother is getting older, and it might be nice to record a new set of gospel hymns.

For now, though, Jackson is busy putting the finishing touches on his upcoming album. The veteran country singer performed the debut from the new release, ‘So You Don’t Have to Love Me Anymore, ’ on Jay Leno a few days ago (March 30). The single is already in the Top 40 and climbing.

I recieved two more at the same time

2011-03-06 18:35:16 by absolutexattitude

But I don't remember what they were.. Seems like one was Alan Jackson, but I can't remember the other. I only remember the TLC because I LOVED them at that point. Waterfalls is actually still one of my favorite songs haha. It was Christmas, and they gave me the CDs and I was like "how am I going to listen to these" and then they gave me the cd player. I had that thing a good 10 years before it stopped working lol.

14 things that killed the Good Ole Boy

2002-01-15 15:17:20 by the_masked_superstar

The Good Ole Boy is not an asshole redneck, though he will get drunk and start a fight with you every once in a while. The Good Ole Boy has the hard-working greasy blue jean style of a redneck. He has the good-hearted generous nature and long dirty hair of a hippie. He has the simplistic attitude of an actual Mexican, not one of these capitalism-polluted Mexican-Americans, but one from Mexico driving a beat up Dodge Dart with a milk crate for a seat. And he has the hair trigger ability to blow up recklessly and violently for no reason of a rock star. He is a hippie Mexican redneck rock star, and the Good Ole Boy is almost extinct

Could definitely use some relaxing

2008-07-07 13:47:20 by molehunterz

On a boat. with a corona (in hand. the other 47 in the cooler.) a little country music on the radio. (yeah, i said country dammit! this is my fantasy!) maybe alan jackson's 'good time.' yeah. that one. some friends helping with the corona. (might have some g/t on board - just for you. *wink* saphire ok? i know you have a brand of choice... haha!) some playful rough housing and pushing people in the water...
yes. ahhh. my own little 4 minute 'mind-vacation' from the jobsite. =P

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