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In 1986, an almost clean-cut Alan Jackson gripped a gold microphone and sang a cover of George Jones‘ ‘He Stopped Lovin’ Her Today’ for the live audience and viewers of TNN’s ‘You Can Be a Star.’ Keith Stegall — the man who would go on to produce and write many of Jackson’s songs — was on stage as a judge for the competitive singing show. According to the YouTube video below, it’s the first time he heard the future star.

Perhaps more entertaining than Jackson’s schoolboy haircut is that the host introduces him only as “Al.” Within three years of this clip, he would release his debut album ‘Here in the Real World’ as Alan Jackson. A few years later, the name ‘Alan’ would become a one-name moniker, much like Garth, Kenny and Shania. With that buttery voice, it’s hard to believe that Al Jackson wouldn’t have been just as successful.

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2011-08-05 00:56:29 by 1nihilist

I also am a huge fan of Patsy.......But do yourself a favor..Somehow, get and listen to Alan Jackson's song titled "Remember When", if that song doesn't bring tears to your eyes or anyone else's then you all don't have any kind of human feelings! It has been out for at least a decade or better, and everytime I hear it, it brings me to tears.....

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2005-12-29 07:26:00 by askthemother

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