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Alan Jackson has plenty to celebrate on his 54th birthday (Oct. 17), including dozens of hit songs, 16 studio albums, three beautiful daughters, one loving wife and millions of fans who have supported him for over 20 years. But how many of these fans know everything there is to know about their favorite singer?

In this list of 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Alan Jackson, find out the hitmaker’s favorite adult beverage, how he first landed a date with his wife and the specific reason he started wearing a cowboy hat. The shy singer wasn’t much of a ladies man, but Denise found his clumsy pick-up move cute… after awhile. They’ll celebrate 23 years of marriage in 2012. Does she even know all 10 of these Alan Jackson trivia morsels? Click the button to get started.

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My 2 cents on Alan Jackson's song

2002-02-28 13:33:34 by Skott100

Non-stop cringe-fest. Are there no mainstream country music songwriters who understand understatement, subtlety, and leaving some things up to the listener’s interpretation?
Jesus, it's like 'Here you go you dumbfuck listener, point A to point B, turn off your brain while I dictate to you. You're imagination and participation is no longer necessary. You will be assimilated. You will grow a mullet...'
In my mind, which is only one mind so let's keep perspective here, the most moving musical tribute to 9/11 will always be Neil Young's version of 'Imagine' from the Tribute To Heroes thing

14 things that killed the Good Ole Boy

2002-01-15 15:17:20 by the_masked_superstar

The Good Ole Boy is not an asshole redneck, though he will get drunk and start a fight with you every once in a while. The Good Ole Boy has the hard-working greasy blue jean style of a redneck. He has the good-hearted generous nature and long dirty hair of a hippie. He has the simplistic attitude of an actual Mexican, not one of these capitalism-polluted Mexican-Americans, but one from Mexico driving a beat up Dodge Dart with a milk crate for a seat. And he has the hair trigger ability to blow up recklessly and violently for no reason of a rock star. He is a hippie Mexican redneck rock star, and the Good Ole Boy is almost extinct

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